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a story unfolds | salone del mobile 2017

Ventura Lambrate Via Ventura 15- Floor 9 | 04/04/17 – 09/04/17

We are proud to invite you to our show
‘A story unfolds’.

We launch a collection of visual stories in colours, painting and photography.

visual storytellers IJM | interview with designer Frank Visser

Magazine publishers, fashion and indoor living brands; all over the Netherlands they put Frank Visser on a pedestal. Regardless of what he creates, it feels like stepping into a disruptive 3D film set. Frank’s work is colourful, imaginative and tactile.
Who is Frank Visser?
Frank: “After several studies I went to the academy of arts when I was 25. It felt like I had finally reached my destination. As of that time, I have been a stylist, but in an artistic manner. I love to create visual stories and enjoy doing so. I want to tell stories and I use images to achieve this.”
Can you describe in detail what you do?
“I don’t necessarily intend to do something funny, but each story has a surprising message. It looks pretty, but can also be raw: meanings are slightly disrupted. At least it always has undercurrents, there’s something to be explored. Beforehand, I never have a fixed idea. Quite often, I start off small, I may just discover an old sofa at a jumble sale. It needs to have a visual story. Starting from the sofa, I associate and continue to create, one association on top of the next. This is how the sequence develops. These are not logical consequences. To some extent, styling means arranging, combining items. But when I am at it, it may head in any direction.”
What is typical of your style?
“Nature, people and animals are characters in my stories. I have a figurative mind-set, but it is graphical too. I also notice surfaces and lines, and that it shouldn’t become stuffed. I don’t display baroque scenes. I try to take it to the essence. Besides, colour is key to me. This is where it all starts and ends. Working with accent and contrast colours allows you to enhance effects and manipulate reality. It may make a room look bigger, suggest incidence of light from a window, create the illusion that a light is on somewhere…”
Do you also sell lifestyle products?
“I create prototypes. These are one-off. However, IJM Colour is an exception to the rule: the products of studio IJM in your personal world. “For every story, I mix a number of colours that are most vital. Together, these are in balance and refreshing. People started to recognize these colours. This is how a range of 120 different colours of paint developed with names that refer to my stories. These are sold through I like the idea that whatever I stirred in a jar initially has now become a product. An ever increasing number of people don’t want to add just the colour, but also the atmosphere of the story to their homes. My creations are prototypes. These may be a painted collage, a fabric cactus or a table that was created for a particular story. It is different each time, and, as such, unique. These prototypes are now also for sale at”
Do you still cherish dreams?
“There is no chair or a lamp that I am manufacturing. I sell atmospheres. I would love to do art direction or to create limited editions for large international brands. I think I can create something that other people may translate into products. Into cloths, wall paper, curtain fabrics, carpets… Moreover: I have created a lot of items, all handmade. These have not been manufactured. I don’t have the patience to do so and I am not interested, but I would appreciate it if brands would take out a licence for my work. That would take my inventions to the next level as a matching part of a visual story. Such as my figurative animals. Or painted carpets; so these could become tangible carpets.”
What do you enjoy about your work?
“That I have the capacity to come up with anything and also execute it. That I can allow it to grow bigger each time. This is what makes me happy. I am satisfied when it develops into a photo story in the end. Indeed, I like it that these are temporary worlds every time. Created for a fair or a shop window. I am focussed on creation, and getting all the details right. And then I move on to the next story.”

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